Real Estate Attorneys in Everett, WA (Snohomish County) & Seattle (King County)

Real Estate Attorneys in Everett, WA (Snohomish County) and Seattle (King County)

Our handpicked team of attorneys offers real estate clients numerous advantages over competing law firms. In fact, perhaps no other Puget Sound law firm can match our combination of work quality and affordability in land-related legal matters.

The quality of our work stems largely from our attorneys’ backgrounds. To gain employment at Genesis, we must possess either outstanding academic credentials or an extended record of subject-area related achievement. No exceptions to this rule allowed. We are quite simply more selective in our lawyer recruitment than are most of our competitors.

Of the few equally selective firms, none that we know of enjoy more affordable hourly rates than Genesis. Cost-saving technologies allow us to charge rates approaching half that of other top-tier real estate lawyers in the greater Everett and Seattle region.